Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary

First of all Happy Anniversary to my loving Husband Andy! 9 blissful years and 2 wonderful children.
My blog is a tribute to him, for putting up with everything for all of these years.
From mother trouble, to rompa room, to hotel receipts, and all of the different chapters in my book that he has had to memorize.
Thank you for being the wonderful husband and most of all friend that I could not and would not want to live without.
I love you honey!

Friday, April 11, 2008

So much to Blog, so little time...

So I am officially collecting unemployment. I have received two checks from the government. Ever since I lost my job on Feb 29th the news says we are at the beginning of a recession. I am there and I totally agree. No one is hiring and if they are I am up against 50 people for every job. The job that I am trying to get someone with a Masters Degree is getting just so they continue to be in the work force. I have had to make a decision that I am going to have to start at a far less salary than what I left at just to get back into the working world.

On to bigger and better. I have gone from full-time career woman to full-time mom. I don't mind this but it is a huge transition! I am going a little crazy.... I love my kids but I love working to... it gives me that sense of accomplishment that I so desire. I have gone from dealing with personnel issues every day to dealing with diaper issues. Which one sounds more appealing to you?? Plus one pays one doesn't.
I have however gotten really caught up on projects that I have started. We redid the play ground that is in the backyard, that is huge... also I have finished a lot of knitting projects and started some new ones.
I have been walking more, gardening more, and getting really caught up with my friends and family.

I will be posting some pictures of the playground and some of my knitting items to share...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Job Hunting Sucks

For anyone out there that is looking for a Job can agree that it is very depressing! Rejection after rejection after rejection. I heard that for every $10, 000 you can expect to look for a month. How depressing. I have a college degree, I have a lot to offer, and I have tons of experience and I can not get a job. I have been looking aggressively for 2 months, some really good interviews but they always want something else. More accounting skills, offer less money, or more management skills.
Cut me some slack here people. I am a hard worker, dedicated person. Employers need to just take a chance on a few of the good ones.
I mean I can understand how people fall into depression looking for a job. There is only so much that one person can take before they start feeling like a failure or not good enough.
It is a really scary thing not to have a job! Really scary, how do people make it??

Enough of my ranting! I had to get it out so I can get back to finding a job.

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Commitment

I have committed to myself and a friend of mine that I am going to do the 3 Day 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer Awarness and Research. This horrible disease takes the life of so many women each year that this is how I am going to help. I am going to raise money and walk to help find a cure. Pink ribbons and all.
So with that said, I have started to train now to be ready for 20 miles a day for 3 days.

I came across a blog yesterday of a women, 28 years old that blogged about her fight with breast cancer, losing her breasts, and dealing with the fact that she will never have children because of it. I realized at that moment that I am doing this for her. I can't imagine what she went through and I will not even try but to compare my problems to it. But that is why I am walking to help find a cure and to do what I can.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Roller Coaster Job

I got a promotion this year and switched jobs. I was very excited to see what lay upon the horizon with my new endeavor. Part of my interview I made the comment "I love to be challenged in my job". WOW did I ever eat my words!
So the situation is this, I started this new job mid year thinking it would take a few months to get things in order and then it would level out. We are now about 10 months into this job and it is still a roller coaster ride.
To top it all off the company is restructuring and my job is going to be eliminated. First it was December 31st, then January 31st, and now it is February 29th. UN freaking believable! (keeping this g rated for the kids) Heres the real kicker, I have to train my replacement. I know it does not make sense to train a new person when a job is getting eliminated. I don't get it either.
It would be ok if I was getting laid off, I can sit home and collect unemployment and look for a job, but they won't lay me off they keep stringing me along.....
Have you ever heard of a company that does that to someone. I will be happy to be done with this roller coaster of a company!
On to bigger and better American things. (the company is German)

The Year in Review

Ok I know this is a little late to be doing this but I wanted to remember all of the great things in 2007! Our family had some really big events in this year.
  • Starting off Tyler graduated from Pre-K.
  • Andy Graduated from College
  • Erin Graduated from College
  • Peyton turned 1 year old
  • I started knitting (this is huge, the start of the addiction)
  • My brother got engaged!!
  • I got a new job (Big move just not sure it was a great thing)

I might add a few more down the line but those are the big events in the Greenhalgh family

Thursday, December 20, 2007